• How do I handle the jobs?

    When you get orders, you will be recommended to transfer these orders to us. You have to pay us before our experts handle the jobs for you. Finally, you will deliver results to your clients.

  • Do I handle the jobs by myself?

    It depends on your skills. If you buy Standard & Premium plans, you will be able to handle the jobs by delivering templates to your clients.

  • How do I prove my clients that I can get their orders?

    We give a strong portfolio on websites. You easily convince your clients that you can handle their jobs.

  • How about commission structure?

    Please look at our commission structure:

    - Digital Marketing: 20%

    - Social Media: 25%

    - SEO: 20%

    - Video Creation: %25

    - Graphic Design: 25%

    - Templates: 50%

    - We Sell You A Dream: 50%

  • How much will I earn per month?

    It absolutely depends on your sale & marketing strategy, and your advertising budget. If you setup a good strategy, you will be able to earn from US$5000 to US$20,000.

  • Where do I find customers?

    It's easy for you to find customers if you have the huge Facebook fans and Twitter followers. If you don't, you have to invest a little money into advertising. Google Adwords and Facebook are two advertising platforms you should focus on.

  • What is the difference between Bronze packages and Gold packages?

    Gold packages offer you more beautiful websites. That is the main difference between two packages.

  • Can I add my own products?

    Yes. You can add unlimited products to your website.

  • How about your prices compared with the other service providers?

    Our prices are very competitive, and always cheaper than the other service providers on the market.